Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort

The History of Ayii Anargyri

People says that the place was existing prior to the Turkish possession in 1571 who took over Cyprus from the Venetians. The prove is some venetian coins that were found near the church as is written in vivliografy of the Paphos metropolis museum that those coins were part of the property of the church .

In 1649 the church was built in memory of St.Cosmas and his brother St.Damianos. History says that they were doctors and were travelling in Midle East, Greece and Cyprus healing people. Here at Ayii Anargyri they were using the Sulphur waters to heal people.

The written proves that the place was operating as “Rehabilation”are from the 17th century. The 4 rooms of the North site of the church where built in 1760 and that date is written in stone on top of the door of one room. During the 18th century the place was rented out to different people and customers were coming from all over Cyprus and Egypt to get the benefits of sulphur waters from St.Anastasia’s Spring which was coming down through the river next to the buildings. During Winter they used to boil the water in big tanks and they were sharing the only 2 type of Ancient Bath tabs.

In 1807 is written that there were 12 rooms in total fully equipped with kitchen utilities.

The year 1809 some property including a watermill was sold to take out from prison the bishop of Paphos.

Turks destroys the church in 1821.

During 1860-1870 part of the building (probably the church ) was used as school with teacher the priest who was serving the church. School was operating until 1894 and some time proper teacher was running the school and his salary was the food that the kids used to bring him from home every Saturday.

Between 1870-1892 a new renter came in to run the “rehabilation “and he painted the icon’s display of the church in light bleu. It was so bad that when Dr Hogarth visited the place in 1888 mentioned it in his book DEVIA CYPRIA .

The healing ability of the Sulphur waters was quickly expanded in Cyprus and abroad. From Analysis of the water in Cypriot and Egyptian laboratories, was proved that the values and benefits of it were very important and helpful for skin diseases, rheumatism, arthritis and a lot more. It is important to mention that although in Cyprus was some years of drought, the spring of St.Anastasia never stop giving the beneficiary waters.

Same water is used now in most of the resort rooms (Original and Bungalows) as well as in the 3 treatment Pools ( Flevology, Rheumatology, kinesiotherapy ) and 8 Spa rooms.

The most valuable things that are well kept until now are: The icon of CHRIST from the 18th century. The stone inscriptions on the 4 rooms opposite the church. Advert from old advertisement on news paper of 1918. Old bill (check out)of a customer of the 16th of September 1935 who stayed 14 nights and paid GBP 3.16.

In 1983 a farmer from the village near, Zenon Chrysanthou, acquired the old place which was ruined. He was delighted as he had always loved the area and appreciated its almost magical tranquillity and would dream about transforming the area into a place where once again people would benefit by visiting. With basic renovations of the existing 12 rooms and the restaurant (which is now the Old Bar) he runs it with his wife for few years . Together with his three children decides to improve it by building a well equipped Spa which will use latest technology equipments for the use of the Sulphur water and 3 pools with again Sulphur water and special mechanisms. Sadly, his untimely death in 2003 meant he never did see his dream come true but he had certainly inspire his family who were determined to see his plans through to their fruition.

After many years of planning, the concept of the Natural Healing Spa took shape. Through the Structural Funds of EU ,the traditional building and the church , were restored carefully and sensitively to recapture their original character and the same style is mirrored in the new Spa and bungalows that were added. The complex is now a Healing Spa Resort operating since June 2009.

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