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Best Facial For Summer Season

Summers are the days when skin releases tears out of heat and pollution. Everyone wishes to have glowing skin in summers. The skin starts to hide under the layers of clothes, particularly the face. But stop yourself for a minute and read through the healthy processes for keeping your face healthy and understand the reasons as to why it becomes mandatory to take care of face specifically in summer. It is actually a struggle to keep a mode of freshness on face till the clock sticks 6 in the evening. Moreover, due to heat rays and pollution, our skin cells are facing difficulties to fight with them. And these have caused the lines of worries to pop up on your forehead. Find out the Best Facial for Summer Season.


The face should be treated very gently no matter whatever skin type it is. The face should be washed properly at a regular interval; it should be cleansed and scrubbed for sufficient minutes. Massaging the face helps the cells of the skin to circulate blood. It ought to be exfoliated and moisturized. Don’t forget water, it is the best way to keep your skin healthy and look young. 



Normal skin is which breaths to its fullest. A perfect balance of moisture and evenly spread complexion is the definition of Eudermic.  Some of the Best Facial for Summer Season suitable for Normal skin are discussed.


TYPES OF FACIALS:- Milk, Yogurt, and Bananas


It is the ingredient that cleanses your skin pores and delivers with the necessary vitamins the skin of face needs. Milk reduces the dark circles that form due to the pressure formed on eyed during travelling in summer. It is like a magic wand that returns the life of the facial cells that keeps glowing skin in summers. Adding salt to it and massaging over the face can remove the dead cells and blackheads from the face, a natural exfoliate.



It when combined with rose water is another protector of face against the killing rays of the summer. It nourishes your skin with vitamin B. Mixing it with rose water increases the protective cover for your face against UV rays. Following this ritual daily will give you glowing skin in summers. The rose water provides the coolness to your face which rejuvenates the cells and makes the face glow in face of the sun. To remove dead cells use sugar with yogurt and rose, that provides proper acupressure on the pertinent points on the face leaving the face with freshness.



Just undergoing the facial of the pulp of banana and leaving it for some time will give your skin a touch of velvet in hot days and will act as a shield against the hot flashes outside. Banana is one of the Best Facial for Summer Season that eradicates tan and upholds the moisture level of the skin.


Dry skin

Your skin falls into the column of Dry skin if the sebaceous glands of the face fail to produce sufficient oily substance called sebum, resulting into the dryness of the skin. Dry skin is more prone to get tan in summer as the protective cover of the skin; sebum is absent, triggering the skin to feel more heat and resulting into easy damage of the skin cell all over the face. Some of the Best Facial for Summer Season for dry skin are:-


TYPES OF FACIALS:-Strawberry, Watermelon, Avocado, Banana


Fruits like strawberry are  rich in vitamin C which kills the bacteria. When teamed up with milk cream, the paste feeds the skin and heals the damaged area due to the sun. The strawberry is the magic quotient for glowing skin in summers. It makes your so soft and pinkie if regularly it is made the key ingredient for your facial in summer.



The fruit is known for its content which is rich in water, is the one which will reenergise your skin and return freshness on your face. Watermelon mixed with honey proves to be the best facial against boiling sun and helps you in getting glowing skin in summers. A gentle facial kneading in summer will show you a definite result. Honey is the ancient medicine that heals the skin and slays the parasites on the face and leaves your face shiny.



Vitamin E, A, C, and carotene are known materials that are essential for keeping the skin in its best of the health. Avocado is the carrier of these minerals and vitamins, so its pulp is the marked ingredient for facial for summer blemishes your skin and a habit of doing facial of avocado will erase the line of wrinkle from your face and return youth on your face.


Oily skin

When the skin gland produces more oil on the surface near your hair pours, skin becomes oily. This is the result of stress undertaken or hormonal change experienced by the body. The oily atmosphere is a homely state where the germs can easily grow and the heat of summer makes the situation on the face cells to fight against them. Shaamli gives you some of the Best Facial for Summer Season for your oily skin.


TYPES OF FACIALS:-  Lemon, Apple, Mango, Multani Mitti

Lemon Juice

The lemon is one of the most preferred anti-tan agents in summer. It lightens the tan apart from eradicating the germs. Mixing lemon and mint with milk forms a perfect paste to acquire the glowing skin in summer. The combination of salt and lemon thereafter, scrubs off the leftover blackheads and dead cells and provides a final touch up that will prepare you to step out your house in the summer.


Apple and Mango

Apple and mango are the fruits that absorb the dampness from the facial cells. They penetrate within the cells and engineer the damaged cells repair them, resulting your skin to glow to its fullest strength against the light of the 12 O’clock summer sun. They help you to get glowing skin in summers.


Multani Mitti

A grandmother’s prescription for the summer. Multani maitti, is the substance that grips the extra heat and moist on your skin. This ingredient is used in Best Facial for Summer Season. It fights against a pimple and keeps the skin fresh. It brings the relief to the hardworking facial cells in summer. Mixing Multani mitti with honey provides the best summer facial for dry skin. The particles of it remove the dead skin while massaging. Once tried, will make you habituated to it in summer.


Combination skin

If you are experiencing the oily exasperation on your forehead, chin, and nose and not so on your cheeks, then your skin of the face is of combination category. Here the pores are a bit enlarged and hence the perfect abode for the impurities to dwell.


TYPES OF FACIALS: – Rose and Coffee

RosesRoses are the beauty of nature with numerous qualities to get glowing skin in summers. The Best Facial for Summer Season for you if want to pamper your skin with the best of the results. A regular facial of fresh Indian rose petals and milk, nothing like this will you find to stand out in the summer. This shelters your skin against getting tan from the heat.



The caffeine in coffee is the marvelous exfoliator for the summer skin. Coffee with rose water removes tan from your face. It makes your face shine leaving you to feel freshness on your face even at the closing hours of your work. It can become your companion for the summer months.

These are the Best Facial for Summer Season for all skin types for summer. You have to wash your face with lukewarm water before stepping out of the house in summer and after returning home will add to the results of these fruitful facials.


Via Shaamli




Best Facial For Summer Season

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