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Natural Spring Lounge

Sulphur Spring Pools
Our unique spring - fed pools feature three hydro pools, two with jet massage featuring specifically designed areas for the entire body to release tension and soothe and the third with invigorating foot jets, and counter current massage stream. Bathing in our sulphur pools will help to alleviate rheumatic and arthritic pains, improve skin regeneration, joint mobility and blood circulation bringing about a sense of wellbeing. 45min - 45.00 euro

Sulphur Mud Cocoon

A relaxing experience, whereby warmed mud is applied to the body and you wrapped in a heated cocoon. The mud possesses detoxifying and revitalizing properties, leaving the body and skin feeling refreshed, cleansed and invigorated. It is ideal for alleviating rheumatic illnesses and post-traumatic stress. 45min -50.00 euro

Sulphur Mud Soak

The warm soothing sulphur water and mud opens the skins pores allowing the active ingredients to gently exfoliate and treat the skin leaving it cleansed and soft to touch. Other effects include improved blood circulation and a sense of overall well being. A spa experience that refreshes and revitalizes the mind and body. 45min- S 45.00 euro C 80.00 euro

Sulphur Mud Cocoon and Soak

A combined treatment of the sulphur mud cocoon and sulphur soak for dual benefits. Warmed mud is applied to the body you wrapped in a heated cocoon and then into a warm soothing sulphur bath to soak and cleanse. 50min-60.00 euro

Mineral Hydrotherapy Bath

Relax and allow tension to melt away, as you soak up the minerals of this therapeutic sulphur water bath, incorporating underwater jets that work their way over specific areas of the body, massaging and easing pain, so you feel recharged and relaxed. 25min - 30.00 euro

Sulphur Mud Bath Therapy

The therapist uses underwater massage to target the lymphatic system and specific areas of the body with gentle or deep pressure massage to ease your body into a state of balance and harmony. To further enhance the benefits, the treatment is completed with a hydrotherapy mud soak to detoxify, revitalize and alleviate rheumatic illnesses and dermatological skin conditions. 50min- 70.00 euro

Vichy Rain Shower Experience

As you lay comfortably shower heads from above provide a warm tropical rain like mist over the body. The gentle sulphur water massage increases circulation and encourages lymphatic flow, assists the relaxation and stimulation of the mind and body. Ideal on its own or the perfect addition to any body therapy… your tension and stress washed away. Back & Back of Legs Hydro Massage 25min -30.00 euro Full Body Hydro Massage 45min-50.00 euro

Exfoliating Vichy & Hydro Massage

A full body exfoliation using marine salts which remove impurities and promote a healthy silky smooth skin plus Vichy Rain Shower Experience & hydro massage. 45min-60.00 euro

Sulphur Jet Massage

This invigorating sulphur water jet shower allows for an in-depth massage which decongests areas with cellulite, eases tension very effective for muscle spasms and aches. Excellent for improving your circulation and banishing tiredness. 25min- 35.00 euro

Thalaxion Circulation Booster Capsule

A special capsule for the lower body offering alternating hot and cold hydro massage and lymphatic drainage. Helps to improve circulation, relieve fluid retention and combat cellulite areas improving its appearance. An ideal treatment for general circulation, cellulite and tired heavy legs. For dual benefits combine with a body treatment of your choice. 25min- 35.00 euro

Pedidaix Legs Relief

Relieve the feeling of tired heavy legs with hydro jets and steam, alternating hot and cold sulphur water help to improve circulation and ease aches giving your legs a light and revitalized feeling. 15min- 20.00 euro

Bertholaix Back Ease

A soothing treatment for the back, neck and shoulders with hydrotherapy steam to help ease aches and pains, or to prepare the area for further treatment add to your massage therapy. 15min-20.00 euro

Etuve Hands & Feet Care

Ease out tensions with the aid of herbal steam and warm water. It is ideal for tired hands and aching feet. 15min-20.00 euro

Thermal Mud for Hands

The hands and wrists are immersed in a warm sulphur mud for the relief of pain related to arthritis and joint problems, to improve joint mobility and ease aches. 15min-20.00 euro

Natural Spring Lounge

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